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Considering joining a Gym in Stillwater Minnesota? Here are few things to consider. 


Why a CrossFit gym over a national chain?

There is a big difference between a CrossFit gym and your generic gym (think of LifeTime, Anytime Fitness, Snap Fitness, Planet Fitness, etc). CrossFit gyms are based on a set of scientifically proven principles that lead you to the results you are looking for We focus on: 1) constant variance – this just means the workouts are not repetitive and boring, you will always be excited to tackle what the coach gives you, 2) functional movements – plainly put we make you better at doing the things your body was meant to do (squat, hinge, push, pull, run, jump, carry, etc), 3) high intensity – this means you try hard. Everyone’s abilities are different, CrossFit gyms understand that, but everyone who puts their best effort forward will progress. Generic gyms take your money and say “good luck” or even worse they will tell you “if you want to lose weight you need to sign-up for personal training.” At a CrossFit gym your membership is all you will ever pay. 


Why a CrossFit gym over a branded gym?

Branded gyms like F45, Orange Theory, Zumba, Jazzercise, etc are built to make you sweat and that is it. CrossFit gyms were born to teach people what their bodies are capable of. Our number one priority is to give you the owner’s manual to your body. What does it mean to squat correctly? Why do we care about squatting at all? Is it safe to squat with weight? When am I too old (or too young) to squat? These are the questions a lot of us have, but we have no one to turn to for answers. CrossFit gyms are built to answer these questions, to demystify the fitness industry. Yes you will sweat, yes you will lose weight, yes you will get stronger, but more importantly you will learn about yourself and build confidence along the way.


I’m just an ordinary person, can I still join a CrossFit gym?

Yes! We are a collection of “ordinary” people who simply like to work hard and see our friends succeed. We all started somewhere, in fact we probably started worse off than the position you are at right now. Over the past decade we have developed a methodology and system that makes health and fitness accessible to everyone, no matter their circumstance. We serve kids as young as 4 and seniors well into their 80s. We are all united in the fact that we are all human, and humans require a physical component to their lives. We no longer need to fight off sabre tooth tigers, but we do need to stay physically active to ensure we don’t lose capability as we age. 

At LiftBridge CrossFit we Set the Example others follow; we do so with kindness and compassion. We would love the opportunity to help you!

LiftBridge CrossFit
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Ayla WolfAyla Wolf
16:29 15 Jun 23
I love LiftBridge Crossfit! I've been here for 3 years now, and am very impressed with the coaching, the focus on proper lifting technique, skills training development, and intelligent programming. I'm made huge personal gains over the last 3 years in my fitness and skill level. Everyone here is down to earth and very supportive. Love the vibe.
Kelli LergKelli Lerg
18:22 15 May 23
Liftbridge crossfit has completely changed my life! Not only did I meet and exceed my fitness goals but I’ve met my best friends there and become a part of an incredible community. Their programming and coaches provide support for all ages and fitness levels and can fit workouts to meet each individual need.
Amanda BrackleinAmanda Bracklein
17:55 15 May 23
A few years ago my health was in major decline, and I knew I needed to make a change, so I took the jump and signed up for Liftbridge Crossfit. I didn't matter that I wasn't fit, the AMAZING coaches helped me find a way to do everything to the best of my ability. Not only have a greatly improved my health but I've made great friends and found a supportive community. Going to class is the highlight of my day. Joining LBCF was truly one of the best decisions I've ever made. If you're thinking about it, just join! You won't regret it.
Andrew LergAndrew Lerg
17:46 15 May 23
Amazing CrossFit Gym. Great, helpful Coaching Staff. This place has updated equipment and they are constantly adding to their fleet. Plenty of specifically designed trails for running workouts. Most importantly, the community of members and coaches are simply the best - LiftBridge CrossFit makes you feel like family. I highly recommend this gym!
Sydney OlsonSydney Olson
16:14 15 May 23
I was curious about CrossFit for a few years and decided to finally give it a try in Dec 2022. I was extremely nervous but everyone at Liftbridge (coaches and members) were so welcoming and encouraging! I quickly felt comfortable going to classes knowing people were friendly and willing to help you learn all the new things you don’t know how to do.When I started I was recovering from a hip surgery and all the coaches were amazing at helping me modify workouts for my needs/recovery. Since starting I can confidently say I’m stronger and in better shape than when I started.If you’re curious about CrossFit and looking for a welcoming fitness community to learn about it, work hard and have some fun while doing it Liftbridge is the place!!
Matt RodriguezMatt Rodriguez
00:56 01 Mar 23
I tried cross fit for the first time. I really enjoyed the atmosphere. The other members and trainers were really welcoming and willing to teach me workouts I’ve never done. I enjoyed it so much I decided to become a member at LiftBridgeCrossFit. Thanks for the great introduction Brent!If you’re looking for a new gym or want to try Cross fit for your first time. I would highly recommend joining Liftbridge Cross fit.Matt
dan papermasterdan papermaster
22:23 31 Dec 22
I was thinking about getting into CrossFit for awhile, it can be intimidating starting something that is new to you. The coaches and members all work together making everyone better, this was the impression I got right away. I really enjoy the camaraderie my only regret is that I didn’t do this sooner!
Joceekay RamseyJoceekay Ramsey
17:16 05 Dec 22
I was nervous to try CrossFit. However, I love the workouts, love the loud music. Everyone is very welcoming and helpful which is so nice! I would recommend to anyone to try it at least once 👍One of my favorite things is they always talk about full range of motion- which as a nurse I think is so important !
Ashley ReichowAshley Reichow
23:39 12 Oct 22
I am nearing my 500th class at Lift Bridge. Before finding this place two years ago, I had never attempted Crossfit. I was always curious about it but always more intimidated.I’ve never been more grateful that I set aside fear and stepped outside of my comfort zone. After my first time in this space, I felt excited to come back. The excitement grew with every class I attended and then exponentially as I began to form relationships with other members and real friendships with each coach.I recently moved to Minneapolis and tried a few other crossfit gyms thinking they must all be somewhat similar. Well, I was wrong. I enjoyed the gyms I tried, the coaches were very knowledgeable and the people, nice. But none of these gyms compared. I now drive a cool 30 minutes to and from Lift Bridge multiple times a week and have never regretted the drive once.To say this place changed my life might sound dramatic but to me it feels like an understatement. I feel more comfortable in my skin than I ever have; this isn’t only because I feel proud of myself physically, but also because of the love and camaraderie that bounce between the walls of Lift Bridge Crossfit.If you want to learn, feel supported, make friends, and get fit, there is no better place than here.
Annie JacobsenAnnie Jacobsen
15:14 05 Sep 22
I started going here about a month ago with no prior CrossFit experience. I was really unsure about trying CrossFit, but I can honestly say it is one of the best decisions I have made in terms of my health in a long time. The workouts are challenging but the coaches help to scale them to the right level of difficulty. I am amazed at the things I can do and the progress I have made in just a month, going about 3 times per week. The coaches are truly invested in my progress and the community is welcoming and supportive--all my expectations have been exceeded by far!
Chris ZerbeChris Zerbe
19:51 04 Aug 22
In town for the Washington Co Fair and needed a gym that was close to where I was staying and the fair grounds. Was able to drop in a couple days at LB get some good workouts in. Everyone was friendly welcoming. Nice facilities too! Plan to come back next year when I’m back in town.